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Olio Extravergine d'oliva Arkè | Arkè Caltanissetta

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Boutique Recipes


Boutique Recipes


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Bottle 0,25 l
Kora represents our inclination to look beyond the borders and search for new opportunities. It draws inspiration from the Greek myth of Kore which is perfectly linked to the places not far from the Valley of the Temples. Calcareous soils give roundness and sweetness as well as an olfactory impact of great finesse.


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Technical sheet

Olive Variety:

Biancolilla 50%, Cerasuola 30%, Nocellara del Belice 20 %.

Production Area:

Agrigento area (South-eastern Sicily).


380 m a.s.l.


Hand-picking mid-way through the ripening period in order to preserve and exalt the antioxidant and aromatic characteristics, from October 1st to November 10th.

Milling Process:

Continuous cycle cold-milling process within 12 hours from the harvest.


Natural settling (without filtering) in steel silos in storage room with temperature monitoring (18 ° C).

Organoleptic notes:

The smell is characterized by energy and elegance. It contains resolute sensations recalling herbs, accompanied by a wide range of floral and almond notes. The taste is unique for its expressive power. A majestic and well-proportioned structure pleases the palate with fruity sensations that advance in a lingering and delighting persistent taste.


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Be inspired and spoil yourself.

Extra virgin olive oils, flavoured Olive oils and typical Sicilian products. A mix of quality and taste to whet your appetite and to inspire gifts.


PSR Sicilia 2014/2020 - Sottomisura 4.2
Sostegno a investimenti a favore della trasformazione/commercializzazione
e/o dello sviluppo dei prodotti agricoli CUP G54H17000870007
Olio Arkè e Natura di Diliberto Salvatore E. M. & C. S.A.S.
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